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Electronic Love Motion is an ambient electronic music project that has been in existence since 1996.  Sequenced drums and synthesizers are combined with samples, melodic guitar and keyboard lines creating a hallucinogenic mood.  Influences include groups like Kraftwerk,  Psychick TV, Orbital, The Future Sound of London, and Meat Beat Manifesto.  Songs are available for download in mp3 format.  These can be heard with Winamp or another mp3 player.  New songs are constantly being released at so check back often. 

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May 27, 2000

It's been a long time since beginning work on ELM's 2nd album. Unfortunately several side-projects have had a deleterious effect upon my productivity. I also have very recently run into some snags regarding the mastering of the new album. The good news is that my studio has been recently significantly upgraded. Electronic Love Motion is now recording on 12-tracks of uncompressed 16 bit, 44.1 kHz digital audio thanks to the Akai DPS 12. Part of the mastering snags are due to the fact that some songs were recorded on 4-track cassette (ugh!), some directly using sampling via the PC, and some on the DPS 12. Thus, this release will be somewhat eclectic from an engineering point of view, but should still have a unifying theme from a musical perspective.

I would like to thank all the people who have emailed, downloaded mp3's and otherwise have shown their support. If I have not personally thanked you yet, it is only a matter of time.


December 23, 1999

Work has begun on Electronic Love Motion's 2nd album release. The working title is "Superior to Humans." Two songs are currently available on and several more should follow in the coming weeks.

July 15, 1999
Electronic Love Motion has released it's debut EP!  It is available as a DAM (Digital Automatic Music) CD at  Several songs from the CD are available for free download for a limited time. The self-titled CD contains 6 songs and is approximately 30 minutes in length.   This multiformat CD contains mp3 tracks as well as regular audio CD tracks that can be played in any CD player.  It is available from Electronic Love Motion's website at for $5.99. 

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